Join My 6 Week Coaching Group to learn a shame-free, healthy diet lifestyle anyone can implement

Women are often left discouraged, confused, and shamed by our culture’s approach to food and weight. Instead of answers, we are left with conflicting information.  

Hi, my name is Kimi Harris, I’m a certified THM (Trim Healthy Mama) coach. I’m passionate about helping women reclaim their health in a nurturing, shame-free environment.

I will teach you the framework for eating well while losing weight. But I do so while also helping you learn how to reconnect to your body, shift unhealthy mindsets and habits, and rediscover the gift of food

This isn’t about a crash-and-burn diet or only for those who need to lose weight. This is about living the life you want to live with a healthy lifestyle. 

Dates for Next Session: May 17 - June 21


My Story.

After a health crisis caused chronic low-grade inflammation and a significant weight gain, I tried a variety of eating plans, including keto and intermittent fasting, but they seemed to harm rather than help me long-term. I also realized they were unsustainable for my body, and disconnected me from my body’s signals.

When I combined what I learned from experts like Dr. Terry Wahls and Julia Ross, with the principles of the Trim Healthy Mama protocol, I finally felt better, lost over thirty pounds, and reconnected to the messages my body was sending me. 

I also regained my joy in food and cooking and felt comfortable in my skin again. As I got to a healthy weight eating an anti-inflammatory diet, my pain levels caused by low-grade inflammation decreased, and I felt more vibrant again. 

As someone who has complex chronic health issues, this was a surprise that I welcomed with much gratitude.

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What Is THM Coaching?

In my coaching groups, I’m not the boss of you, but I do help you learn tools that will help you meet your goals. I teach not only the framework of Trim Healthy Mama, but also share other research and tools that can help you have long-term success. This includes:

THM Framework

  • The basics of the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle for weight loss or weight maintenance (and, no, you don’t need to be a mom!) 
  • Why chronic low-grade inflammation could be preventing us from losing weight and what to do about it.


  • Why shame never motivates us for long, and how it can derail us.
  • Why joy and gratitude help you make better long-term choices, and why fearing food doesn’t help.
  • How to get out of the “evil food, perfect food” mindset.
  • How to reconnect to your body, and listen to the messages it sends you.

Supporting Research

  • What research can teach us about what to eat, how to eat, and how to change our mindset.
  • In-depth information for long-term success.

Having Kimi as a coach is a game changer for me. The extra accountability is helpful. I especially appreciate the way she shares her knowledge with such care and kindness. It is like having a private cheerleader. She explains very well just how doable the program truly is and makes sure you have all you need to succeed.

— Roxane K

Six Weekly Coaching Sessions.


The Powerhouse on Your Plate and THM Basics

Intro to my story. Learn from a research-backed perspective what should be on your plate, and how to use THM principles.


Core Meals and Why Shame Derails

It only takes five amazing dinners to start changing your habits. + Why shame is an unhealthy starting point and how to get out of it.


Why Inflammation is Holding You Back (and what to do about it)

Learn what research is showing us about the risks of low-grade inflammation, its connection to weight gain, and how our daily habits can impact it.


Finding a Flexible New Rhythm with Joy

Food is a gift, not a curse. Learn how to implement lasting change and how to approach food with joy again. Your mindsets are vital for experiencing a healthy attitude toward food and yourself.


Troubleshooting and Tricks and Tips

Learn how to address common roadblocks, deal with cravings, as well as my favorite tricks and tips for staying on plan. Start learning how to listen to the signals your body is sending you, and responding to them in a healthy way.


Debrief, Q & A, and Long-Term Success

In our last week, we will be addressing pressing questions, celebrating successes, summing up what we've learned together, and also discussing your long-term plans.

There is Hope and Help Here

I know how discouraging it can be sorting through information, trying to lose weight without depriving yourself, and healing your relationship to your body and appetite. That's why I want to help you find hope again in a shame-free environment. (Note: This is beta group pricing, and rates will be going up in the next group).

Dates for Next Session: May 17 - June 21


6 Week Group Coaching

You will be given all the tools you need to learn how to eat the THM method, address your mindset/habits, and benefit from supporting research.

  • Weekly teaching sessions (watch live or replay): Live on Mondays 10 PST/11 MT/1 EST
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Cheatsheets and printouts
  • Needed tools for long-term success
  • Workbook PDF
  • Cohort Group
  • Personalized Coaching


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6 Week Group + Workbook

Receive a Workbook PDF to print out that will allow you to keep track of what you are learning, keep track of your progress, have extensive notes on research, and effectively plan out your future steps. (Recommended)

  • Weekly teaching sessions (watch live or replay)
  • Private Facebook support group
  • Cheatsheets and printouts
  • Needed tools for long-term success
  • Workbook PDF
  • Cohort Group
  • Personalized Coaching


Go Deeper Cohort (limited spots)

This option includes all of the above, and access to a separate private small group of women who will be meeting once a week via Zoom during the six-week session to go deeper into the material and get personalized coaching with Kimi. This is for those who would like to: 

  • Get personalized help and coaching.
  • Get practical troubleshooting advice for your specific needs.
  • Get extra, supporting information that goes deeper into the material.
  • Participate in discussions and exercises that continue the work of healing our mindsets and perspectives, as well as understanding the research.
  • Thrive in relationships and support.
  • Includes further additions to the workbook.

Zoom Cohort meetings will NOT be recorded to protect people's privacy. Meetings will be on Fridays @ 9 AM (Pacific) /10 AM (Mountain)/12 PM (Eastern)


Ally Discount

Part of the reason we derail after we try to commit to a healthy lifestyle? We are the only ones we know trying to make good choices. Why not bring along a friend as your ally?

Once you are both learning the same information and skills, you can become each other’s allies, cheering each other on, helping each other find recipes, encouragement, and help when needed. I believe that support and community are important!

So to encourage it, I am offering an Ally Discount, where you can buy two spots in the program for less. This is the price for the Group Coaching. (Email me at for info on a discount for the Cohort group.)

$150/2 spots in Group Coaching

Bonus Session: The Impact of Emotional Trauma on Weight

Erin, a fellow THM certified coach, will be teaching a bonus session for us on how emotional trauma can impact weight loss and weight gain. This important topic will help you connect the dots between your emotional health and your physical health.


We've got A's for your Q's

How much access will I have to you with the 1st option of group coaching? 

You can ask questions during our live Zoom, and I will also be in our Facebook group sharing links, recipe demos, and leading small discussions. You won’t be getting individual coaching in the same way as the Go Deeper Cohort, but you will have different avenues to interact with me. Don’t forget that you will be learning a lot through the handouts and the sessions, as well as being part of the community on Facebook. If you are looking for more individual help, I suggest the Go Deeper Cohort (which is a much more affordable option than one-on-one coaching).  

I’m not sure I want to use the THM framework. Will I still benefit?

Yes! I am sharing a lot of information that one can use regardless of whether you separate your fuels. While I do use THM as the framework for losing weight, I do mention other, simplified eating plans that may work for some.  

My biggest hurdle is mindset and habits. How can you help me?

I will be discussing information and research about why we have the habits and mindsets we do, and how to heal them. Habits take time to correct, but I will give you tools so that you can step forward confidently.

Will I benefit from this if I have allergies, food intolerances, or a limited diet?

I personally am currently low dairy, and gluten-free. I’ve also eaten egg-free for years. It is absolutely possible to benefit from this coaching!


Will you share your experience with keto/IF?

I do plan on sharing my story in one of the sessions.  

Can I use THM if I eat traditional food?

Yes, you can! You will need to make some adjustments, however, in how you eat them.  

Do you offer refunds?

Unfortunately, I can’t offer refunds at this time.